THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME – A guide to help caregivers manage the long-term care experience


In the 2023 revised edition of There’s No Place Like Home, Lise Cloutier-Steele writes about the conditions in care facilities. She shares her experience as her late father’s guardian and advocate while he resided in a long-term care facility for a period of over three years. The book moves from personal stories to practical and helpful information for caregivers with a loved one in care.


Foreword by Barbara A. Yeats, M.D., CCFP, FCFP


Chapter 1
Living the long-term care reality: From a caregiver’s point of view

Chapter 2
Nursing home essentials: What to look for in a good care home

Chapter 3
The impact of COVID on the long-term care sector

Chapter 4
Room for improvements in long-term care and in-home care

Chapter 5
Complaining: It’s a process and a half

Chapter 6
Where to go to complain, and what to expect as a response

Chapter 7
Burnout: It can happen to caregivers, too
Tips on how to take care of Number 1

Chapter 8
Provisions and changes you can make at home to ensure aging in place

Chapter 9
Long-term care and health care staffing issues in other parts of the world


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