Young men feeling more family stress

 Study debunks several myths about elder care

Kathryn May, The Ottawa Citizen

For the first time, men are more likely than women to take time off work because of the “mental and emotional fatigue” of juggling the job, raising children and caring for aging parents, according to a landmark study obtained by The Citizen. This gender shift is one of many elder-care “myths” that researchers Linda Duxbury and Christopher Higgins have debunked in a massive survey of 25,000 professionals, managers and knowledge of workers on how they are balancing work, childcare and elder care. “How are we going to remain competitive when we aren’t paying attention to the fact that we have a huge number in the most productive stage of the career cycle having to deal with kids, elder care, demanding jobs and unrelenting e-mail?” Duxbury asks. “People can choose to have children, but they can’t choose whether or not to have parents.”