Woodstock deaths shed light on little-noticed work of caregivers

Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail

Article was first published on October 27, 2016

Economists have, traditionally, paid little attention to women such as Shireen Luchuk. A health-care assistant in a Vancouver long-term care residence, she trades in diapers and puréed food for those members of society no longer contributing to the GDP. She produces care, a good that’s hard to measure on a ledger … But let’s not be too hard on those economists. The rest of us don’t pay that much attention to workers like Shireen Luchuk either – not, at least, until our families need her. And not until someone like Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer is charged with murdering eight residents in an Ontario nursing home. Then we have lots of questions: Who is overseeing the care of our seniors? Are our mothers and fathers safe? Will we be safe, when we end up there?

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