Web Sites of Interest
Advance Care Planning
Deborah Stone, expert on UK care homes
The Arthritis Society
Tour this web site for information about local support programs, such as the Arthritis Self-Management Program, and rehabilitation therapy. For any additional information, call 1-800-321-1433.
Help available 24/7 to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.
The Champlain Dementia Network (CDN) was established in September 2005. The CDN provides an excellent opportunity to have a stronger voice in influencing the evolution of dementia care in the Champlain region, which includes Eastern Counties, Ottawa, Renfrew County, North Lanark and North Grenville. Currently there are approximately 16,000 persons with dementia in this region of over one million people. The projections for 2028 will see the total almost double to 30,000. Through this web site, you can access information on the following types of services: 1) Assessment and diagnosis; 2) Counselling and support; 3) Education outreach; 4) In-home and community services; 5) Legal services; 6) Residential care; 7) Safety and environment; and 8) Transportation.
This is the web site of a national Canadian charitable society. This society is a member of the World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies, and it believes that competent adults have the right to choose the time and the manner of their dying. Interested individuals can reach the Toronto based national office by phone at 1-800-495-6156 (toll free) or 1-416-486-5562.
This is a membership web site where caregivers can go for support and to connect with others. Members can share content, join in discussions, and receive regular updates on topics of special interest to them.
Elder Abuse Response and Referral Service (EARRS)
(613) 596-5626 ext. 253
Canadian Red Cross
A Leader in Community Health Services for over 80 years