The Ontario government is failing in its responsibility to protect seniors

Randall Denley, The Ottawa Citizen

If government knows of a situation that puts the public at risk, telling people what’s going on seems like an obvious course of action. We are told when our cars are recalled, or when there is bad cold meat in the stores. Restaurant safety inspections are conveniently available online. So why is the Ontario government not giving the public the straight goods about the long-term care homes it deems medium or high risk because of repeated failures to meet its own standards. Protecting vulnerable seniors from substandard long-term care centres would seem like the government’s moral duty. Why is it not meeting its responsibility? Here’s a theory. About 10 per cent of the province’s care homes are considered medium or high risk by the government. That’s more than 60 centres across the province. If the government told us which homes were troubled, people would be unwilling to go there.

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