Thank you for being a friend … Meet a new generation of golden girls

Tracy Hanes, Freelance Real Estate Writer, The Toronto Star

Meet Louise Bardswich, Martha Casson, Bev Brown and Sandy McCully, aged 65 to 71, who share ownership of a 3,400-square-foot home in Port Perry, where they all live. While the women are still active and independent, they didn’t like the housing choices available to them as they thought about growing older. “My mother was in a retirement home and Martha bought a house with her mother so she could take care of her,” says Bardswich, who, like Casson, is a retired college administrator (Brown and McCully are retired nurses). “But those options didn’t appeal to us.” They didn’t want to impose on their children, they didn’t like the steep cost of retirement-home living, or the idea of living alone in a condo apartment. Bardswich and Casson heard about co-ownership, a common concept in the UK, and felt it could be a fit in Ontario.

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