Tele-medicine for palliative care patients among initiatives to help
patients die at home

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

The Champlain health region, including Ottawa, has the lowest rates in the province of people dying in the hospital, but even those numbers are too high, say health officials. When surveyed, 70 per cent of people in the province have said they would prefer to die at home, yet nowhere near that number do. In the Champlain LHIN, about 45 per cent of deaths occur in hospitals. An additional 17 per cent of people die in long-term care, which means fewer than 40 per cent of deaths happen at home or in hospices. The Champlain numbers compare favourably to the rest of the province — almost 60 per cent of residents in the Toronto Central health region, for example, die in hospital. Still, the Champlain LHIN is investing in helping more people die where they want to.

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