Suspicious death at nursing home ruled natural:
New details in the death of Violet Lucas

Gary Dimmock – Ottawa Citizen

Staff at the nursing home where Violet Lucas was found dead, with her head wedged between her mattress and a guardrail, moved her body before the coroner arrived.

The investigating coroner could not view Lucas’s body as it was found at Extendicare Laurier Manor on Montreal Road and could not rely on photographs, either, because the staff didn’t take any before moving her body. The coroner has ruled that Lucas died a natural death after suffering cardiac arrest. Although the report sheds light on some of the circumstances surrounding her death, it also raises new questions and highlights discrepancies between what staff reported after finding Lucas dead and the official report into her death. When this newspaper first reported on the April 7, 2017 death of the single mother of seven, her family was still in the dark about the circumstances surrounding her death. They knew that she had been found dead in a precarious position and it was suspicious for several reasons. She couldn’t move around on her own, yet she was found half out of bed. And her bed alarm, the one that alerts staff if a resident is out of bed or moving to do so, wasn’t working because the batteries were faulty. Lucas was last seen alive at 10 p.m. on April 7, 2017. Staff checked on her 30 minutes later and found her dead. They didn’t try to revive her because she had a Do Not Resuscitate order. 

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