Support Groups in Ottawa, Ontario, for the family caregiver

Family Caregiver Support Group

Are you care-giving for a family member or friend with an illness or disability?
Do you feel isolated and alone with the responsibility and decision-making you face?
When was the last time you thought about your own need for relaxation or time out?
Do you know that, unless you take good care of yourself as a caregiver, you are more likely to become seriously ill yourself?

Give yourself permission to join us because we care for the caregiver.
Where: Ottawa west, near Carlingwood Mall
When: Monthly, on Wednesday afternoons, 1:30 to 4 p.m.
Cost: $20.00 per meeting
Facilitator: Rita Myres, MSW, RSW, Therapist in private practice
For more information and registration, call (613) 729-8944
or e-mail: [email protected]

Woodland Idyll Retreat for Caregivers and Grievers

Are you currently caring for a family member, recovering from a period of care-giving or grieving the loss of a family member?
Did you know that:
Your capacity to sustain the quality of your care depends on maintaining your own good health, both physical and emotional?
Many caregivers become ill and cannot continue caring for others because they have not attended to their own need for rest and relaxation?
It can take many months to recover physically and emotionally from an intense period of care-giving because exhaustion and uncertainty can be so depleting?
When you are preoccupied with grieving, you are in need of “intensive care” yourself, because you are vulnerable to illness and accidents happening to you?

Your hosts, Paula and David, extend an invitation to you to come away for a period of respite. They offer one to four nights at their country home with your own guest bedroom and bathroom, plus delicious healthy breakfasts provided at no cost – their own contribution to the community. This lovely retreat offers access to gardens, outdoor pool and forest trails in summer, wood fire in winter.
For enquiries, please contact: Rita Myres, MSW, RSW, Therapist in Private Practice
(613) 729-8944 or [email protected] 
A screening interview will be required prior to a reservation.