Sunnybrook hospital broke law by enforcing do-not-resuscitate order, says watchdog

The Toronto Star, Eric Andrew-Gee, Staff Reporter

Health Professions Appeal and Review Board rules the College of Physicians should reopen a case against doctors who refused to continue treating an 88-year-old vet against the family’s wishes

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Sunnybrook Hospital is at the centre of an end-of-life case that has deep implications for families seeking to keep terminally ill relatives alive against medical advice.

Doctors at one of Toronto’s biggest hospitals violated provincial law when they imposed a do-not-resuscitate order on a dying man without consulting his daughter, Ontario’s medical watchdog has ruled.  It’s a case that could have major legal implications for families and physicians clashing over the kind of treatment to give terminally ill patients, a debate that has roiled the Canadian medical community and legal system in recent years.