Release risk list of long-term care homes: NDP Leader

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

Saying families have a right to the information, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath demanded Wednesday that the province make its secret list of high-risk long-term care homes public.

“Families with loved ones in care are now being left to wonder if their loved ones, their mom or dad, is in a facility that the ministry itself calls high risk,” she said. Horwath made the demand following a story by this newspaper about the list of high- and medium-risk homes across Ontario, and the province’s refusal to release it, despite ongoing pressure from the auditor general. About 10 per cent of the province’s 630 long-term care homes are considered high or medium risk, according to the auditor general. The province has revised its system of inspecting long-term care homes to focus more attention on them. But, so far, it has refused to make public which homes are on that list.

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