Red flags about killer nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer were ignored, inquiry documents show

Inquiry begins looking into what systemic breakdown led to a decade-long killing spree

Kate Dubinski, CBC News

A system set up to protect patients instead allowed a nurse to go on killing the frail and elderly in her care for almost a decade, a public inquiry into the province’s long-term care system has heard. It was clear from the moment she began her career in 1995 that there were issues with nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer, documents released as part of the inquiry reveal. In 1995, Wettlaufer was fired from the Geraldton, Ont., District Hospital, where she was a student nurse, after overdosing on narcotics she stole from the hospital during a shift. But Wettlaufer continued working at half a dozen other facilities in the next two decades, killing eight patients in her care by injecting them with insulin, and trying to kill or harm six others. 

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