Patients are sicker, staffing is lower than the rest of Canada at local long-term care homes: report

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

Saying good morning to residents at the long-term care home where she works used to be part of Bonnie Soucie’s daily routine – but not anymore, she said, because you haven’t got time to hear the answer. Understaffing at long-term care homes goes beyond doing away with niceties. Soucie and personal support worker Tammy Rainey say that care is being compromised when it comes to the cleanliness of residents, eating, dressing, changing and more. They also say conditions are forcing residents into incontinence and compromising infection control. Rainey, a personal support worker who has been at another long-term care facility in Ottawa for 17 years, said the dynamics have changed dramatically as patients became sicker and more likely to have cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease than in the past. As a result, she said, the workload has steadily increased to the point where residents are treated like they are part of “an assembly line production.”
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