Palliative Care in Ottawa, Ontario

Community Palliative Care Network (CPCN)

36 Walgate Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2E 6M2
(613) 239-9669 (office/pager)
(613) 224-9738 (fax)

Ėlisabeth Bruyère Hospital (613) 562-6319 (tel.)
(613) 562-6262, ext. 4062 or 4063
(613) 562-4226 (fax)
Quality medical and spiritual care offered to all in a friendly environment.

Hospice at May Court
114 Cameron Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S 0X1
(613) 260-2906 (tel.)
(613) 260-5510 (fax)
Palliative care and support services are offered without charge to those of any age, religion or culture.

Palliative Care Outreach Program
305-63 Glencoe Street
Ottawa, ON K2H 8S5
(613) 723-1184 (tel.)
(613) 723-6803 (fax)
Out-of-hospital support to terminally ill clients and their families. Dedicated doctors and nurses are available 24/7 to provide care.