Our system suffers when health workers are muzzled

André Picard, The Globe and Mail

On Feb. 25, 2015, a month after her grandfather’s death at St. Joseph’s Health Facility in Macklin, Sask., Carolyn Strom posted the following comments on Facebook: “My grandfather spent a week in palliative care before he died and after hearing about his and my family’s experience there, it is evident that not everyone is “up to speed” on how to approach end-of-life care or how to help maintain an aging senior’s dignity. I challenge the people involved in decision making with that facility to please get all your staff a refresher on this topic and more. Don’t get me wrong, “some” people have provided excellent care so I thank you so very much for your efforts, but to those who made Grandpa’s last years less than desirable, please do better next time.” For those innocuous comments, Ms. Strom, a registered nurse, has been found guilty of professional misconduct by the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association.

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