Ottawa personal support worker sounds alarm over long-term care

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

Ontario is setting up its long-term care system to fail because of a lack of funding, says an Ottawa personal support worker who says more people from inside the system need to speak up about what they are seeing. “Our government does not support long-term care. They may pretend to, but the reality is, they don’t, said Peter Dunnigan, who now works as a personal support worker visiting patients in their homes. Dunnigan said that, in his experience, more personal support workers are badly needed. He describe the “morning rush”, working on a long-term care ward as a personal support worker, and the experience of trying to get 16 or more residents ready for the day. “You can’t provide quality care in the morning rush,” he said. (PSWs) are stressed out, taking on more responsibilities and falling behind. It makes the environment toxic.”

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