Officials bend rules to reunite couple in their 90s after three weeks apart

Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Citizen

Norman and Mae Davis’ trial by separation ended Wednesday, when the two were reunited at Granite Ridge Community, a long-term care facility in Stittsville. Married in 1945, Norman and Mae, 94 and 91 respectively, had never been apart until this month, when provincial health regulations split them up for what at the time was looking to be at the very least a three-month wait. Instead, those regulations were bent and the couple spend just three weeks apart. “I’m so happy,” said Nancy Burgoin, the couple’s daughter. “Dad was worried that something was going to happen to him before they’d be together again. But we’d take her in to visit each day and it was like they were courting again. He’d sit and hold her hand all the time and tell her how much he loved her and that he could hardly wait for her to be there. It was so sweet, like old times, like they always were.”

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