Nurses union didn’t disclose Wettlaufer documents, public inquiry hears

Kate Dubinski, CBC News

The Ontario Nurses Association didn’t disclose documents from its defence of Elizabeth Wettlaufer when she was fired from her job at Caressant Care in Woodstock, Ont., in 2014. The union notified lawyers for the public inquiry this weekend that it accidentally left out documents relating to Wettlaufer’s dismissal. “When she was first arrested, the union locked their files electronically and when that happens they come off the system entirely,” ONA lawyer Nicole Butt told the inquiry. “The union was trying to do the right thing, but the result is that [the documents] were not disclosed. When I realized the documents were not in to [the public inquiry] document database, I immediately sent them” to commission lawyer Liz Hewitt. The documents are from January 2014, when Wettlaufer was fired from Caressant Care for making too many medication errors. 

The union grieved that termination. After some negotiation, Wettlaufer was given a $2,000 settlement, a reference letter and her termination was noted as a resignation. 

The documents that weren’t disclosed include handwritten notes from the labour relations officer and from Wettlaufer herself about the termination and the ongoing negotiations. 

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