Killer nurse abruptly quit job after narcotics went missing at long-term care home

Kate Dubinski, CBC News

Elizabeth Wettlaufer quit her job at Meadow Park Long-Term Care in London, Ont., the day after a large amount of narcotics went missing. She spent the weekend in hospital after overdosing, a public inquiry heard. Wettlaufer abruptly resigned from her job as a nurse at Meadow Park in late September 2014, saying she had an illness that prevented her from working as a nurse. That was less than a month after she’d killed Arpad Horvath, 75, at that nursing home. For the first time, the Wettlaufer inquiry has heard from a former employee of Meadow Park, the last place Wettlaufer is known to have killed someone in her care. She went on to injure others at subsequent jobs. 

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