Husband and wife care workers are caught on secret CCTV abusing an elderly dementia sufferer

Charlie Moore, UK MailOnline

Maurice Campbell, 56, was jailed for two years and four months for abusing an elderly dementia sufferer in her own home. He slapped 85-year-old Dora Melton in the head and tried to ram tablets down her throat while his wife Deborah Campbell stood by as Mrs. Melton screamed. Mrs. Melton’s family installed CCTV when the Campbells went on a holiday as they were worried she might not react well to new care workers. After the Campbells returned, Mrs. Melton’s family decided to keep the CCTV in place but when they noticed food splashed around the room, they decided to look through footage spanning the previous six weeks and noticed that Mrs. Melton had been subjected to a variety of degrees of ill treatment. Mrs. Campbell will be sentenced in January 2017.

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