How lack of MD house calls keeps people from dying at home –
where they want to be

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

Dr. Peter Tanuseputro treats most of his dying patients in their own homes. He offers patients his cellphone number and the assurance that he will be there when they need him. These house calls — part palliative care, part hand-holding — are embraced by grateful patients and their families. And they make the Orléans family medicine practice that Tanuseputro shares with his wife stand out. “We are in the minority,” he says of their home visits. What the husband and wife physicians do is relatively rare in Ontario, where most people say they want to die in their own homes but few do. Nearly 70 per cent of Ontario residents die in hospitals or long-term care facilities — some of them in busy emergency rooms waiting for a bed. Lack of access to in-home end-of-life care is key to the discrepancy between wishes and reality when it comes to end of life.

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