Elderly dementia patient who died covered in unexplained injuries sparks care home inquiry

Nicole Morley, Metro News,

Blind Pamela Matthews, 85, was left with deep gashes, carpet burns and extensive bruising after a month-long stay at £825-a-week at the Woodbine Manor care home. Daughter Celia Matthews, 63, and other relatives later discovered sore carpet burns on her legs, and were told by carers that the great-grandmother had suffered a fall. Pamela allegedly asked her relatives why the “horrible” night staff had forced her to crawl on the floor. Extremely concerned, the family bought a hidden camera to install in Pamela’s room, but an ambulance was called to the home last July before they could set it up. When paramedics arrived, they peeled back her clothes, and discovered the sickening extent of her injuries. Her family claim carers didn’t record a single one.

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