Daughter of slapped dementia patient angry at police

BBC News, UK

The daughter of an elderly dementia patient slapped by her carer said she is angry the woman only received a police caution. Sabina Marsden, 78, was also told she “stinks” by the carer, who was unaware she was being filmed. Mrs Marsden’s daughter Gina Owen said she was “furious”. Employer Mega Care said it was “appalled and disgusted”. Northamptonshire Police said safeguarding vulnerable people was a “high priority”. Mrs Owen said she had only installed the camera in her mother’s home shortly before the incident on 13 June 2017. She said it happened within ten minutes of her monitoring the video. “Mum didn’t provoke it. Mum can’t talk. She couldn’t hit back,” Mrs Owen said. “I left work and then we came down to the house. I felt physically sick. I never thought it would happen in my mum’s home. “The police have done the interview and she only got a caution. I’m angry about that and I’m not happy about the outcome.”

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