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Louise Marsden

“A very enlightening and accurate book on the state of long term care facilities. Hope it will help to improve the situation.”
― Louise Marsden, caregiver

Jane Karchmar

“I have often wondered why we can’t take care of our aged properly, and reading this book has given me some insights. Not that I like those insights. At first one might think that taking care of very old people would be just like taking care of babies. And it sounds like that approach is taken at least by some caregivers. But there is a huge difference between very old people and babies: the very old have a lifetime of memories, they have adult needs and desires, and they know when they are being mistreated because they can compare with a time when they were fully functioning and independent. This must be excruciating for them. And since some of them can’t communicate any of this, it must be absolute torture. The author has made this very clear in her book. I am hoping someone will listen.”
― Jane Karchmar, senior book editor

Barbara A. Yeats

“The circle of life is a reality. However, the perils of aging and nursing home care are not a popular literary topic. In There’s No Place Like Home, Ms. Cloutier-Steele bravely opens her door to us in self exposure. She alerts us to the need to plan for the future as individuals, families, health care providers, policy makers and governmental bodies. Let’s talk. Let’s prepare. One day, too, we will be facing that mirror.”
― Barbara A. Yeats, M.D., CCFP, FCFP

Jean Heenan

There’s No Place Like Home is a good reality check for the present, and an important reminder to prepare for the future.”
― Jean Heenan, registered nurse (Geriatrics), retired

Aly S. Abdulla

“A refreshingly candid and precise depiction of the day-to-day angst versus small victories involved in patient care in long term care facilities. I appreciate the awareness of the viewpoints from multiple caregivers in multi patient care centres. There’s No Place Like Home is a real life journey and analysis that can truly help to improve outcomes by awareness. It is in this time of a patient’s greatest needs that it is comforting to know that even though the “system” has limited resources, it does not have a limit on compassion. Bravo!”
― Aly S. Abdulla, M.D., LMCC, CCFP, FCFP, DipSportMed, CTH
Medical Director, The Kingsway Health Centre, Manotick, Ontario