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Michelle Jenkins

“As a nurse who has worked in nursing homes in Newfoundland and Ontario, I found the difference in the level of care shocking. In the Newfoundland nursing home where I worked, the ratio of personnel to residents was 6 to 1. Even with that ratio, it was difficult to meet the needs of all the residents. In my view, Ontario nursing homes are an accident waiting to happen.”
― Michelle Jenkins, registered practical nurse

Marion Lochnan

“Mrs. Cloutier-Steele’s book is very informative about the world of dealing with long term care facilities. It confirms the importance of being vigilant after you think you have a problem resolved. It was comforting to know that I was not the only one struggling with appropriate care for a loved one. While the struggle is tiring, our loved ones are worth it.”
― Marion Lochnan, caregiver

Elizabeth Flood

“Honest and tastefully done.”
― Elizabeth Flood, health care aide

Gillian Privett

“Glad to read that there is another person out there who became obsessed with catheters and UTIs. I also became a major bowel person, eg: hello Dad etc … have your bowels opened today? The joys of it all.”
― Gillian Privett, former caregiver, United Kingdom

Melville McLean

There’s No Place Like Home has great personal meaning to the author, but it will be helpful to countless others who are frustrated with the system, and who may be in need of its analysis and insights. In short, this book is a good deed.”
― Melville McLean, photographer of Newcastle, Maine