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Sibling rivalry

Bill Ward, The Ottawa Citizen

Care of aging parents is the new battleground. There can be a lot of resentment among those who feel they do more than their brothers or sisters.

Elder care report will make Liberals squirm

B.C. Ombudsman’s document often uncomplimentary indictment of government efforts to address issue that have been known about for years

Gary Mason, The Globe and Mail

During a tour of the province in 2008, B.C. Ombudsman Kim Carter encountered a frustrated, angry and often scared fraction of the population: seniors living in residential care.

Ontario doctors’ pay doubles in decade, report shows

Pauline Tam, The Ottawa Citizen

Family physicians account for biggest slice of increase from $3.7 billion in 1992 to $8 billion in 2010, research body says.

Smart-e-pants zap away the bedsores

A new undergarment device prevents pressure ulcers from forming – a huge issue for patients with spinal cord injuries

Dawn Walton, Calgary, The Globe and Mail, February 2, 2012

Dr. Sean Dukelow, neuroscientist, is part of a group of Canadian researchers from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta, collectively known as Project SMART team, who are trying to prevent complications from pressure ulcers in patients fitted with this new undergarment device.

Too healthy for palliative care?

Aunt doesn’t meet requirements even after being near death weeks ago

Hugh Adami, The Ottawa Citizen

Two sisters can’t believe the trouble they’re having in trying to get palliative care for their very sick 98-year-old aunt.