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Fired make-out artist wins job back at St. Joseph’s at Fleming long-term care facility

A provincial arbitrator has ruled that one of four St. Joseph’s at Fleming employees, fired in May 2013 after a hidden camera captured footage of abusive treatment at the facility, should be allowed to return to work. The news shocked Camille Parent. His hidden camera captured the man canoodling with a female co-worker while his mother lay in bed beside them. All four employees were fired when footage of the video was released to the media. The resulting attention led to a restructuring of St. Joseph’s at Fleming’s board of directors, the temporary suspension of admissions at the home and a criminal investigation. All four workers have since appealed their dismissals. On Thursday, an arbitrator ruled that the canoodling male employee should be able to return to work. Paul O’Krafka, chief executive officer for St. Joseph’s at Fleming, released a statement reiterating that the organization has zero tolerance for elder abuse, but must abide by the ruling. “We respect the decision of the arbitrator and must work within the process,” O’Krafka stated. That’s not good enough for Camille Parent, who’s heard all this before. Parent said he offered to write a victim impact statement for hospital administrators during the arbitration process. He thought it would help if officials understood how the worker’s actions have hurt his family. But no one took him up on that offer, he said. That the employee is allowed to return to work shows St. Joseph’s, and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, won’t back up their zero-tolerance commitment, he said.

Police won’t lay charges in elder abuse case

Brendan Wedley, The Peterborough Examiner

Police confirmed Friday they won’t be laying an assault charge in the St. Joseph’s at Fleming senior abuse scandal that was uncovered then the son of a resident, Camille Parent, placed a hidden camera in his mother’s room. “The investigation is lacking in criminal intent and therefore we will not be laying any criminal charges,” Peterborough Lakefield Police Inspector Larry Charmley said Friday. Police considered laying an assault charge against one of the four employees fired after the video was made public. The video showed the female employee roughly handling an 85-year-old who has Alzheimer’s and at one point shoving a feces-covered cloth in front of the resident’s face. After meeting with Charmley and a Crown attorney, Camille Parent suggested that the officials are playing with words by calling the actions abuse and not assault. “It’s almost as if we’re trying to sweep this under the rug” he said, “The abuse has got to stop and it starts with the law.”