Are you looking for him?Grieving daughter recalls Marcel D’Amour’s tragic death in long-term care

Aedan Helmer, The Ottawa Citizen

Pauline D’Amour sat in stunned silence as she learned for the first time the details of her father’s death. Marcel D’Amour died two years ago at age 82 while in care at Residence Saint-Louis, his body found lying face down next to his wheelchair outside on the property — a 198-bed long-term care facility on Hiawatha Park Road in Orléans. Since 2012, at least 17 people have died in Ottawa long-term care homes. In each of those cases, the care residents received before their deaths led to citations for failing to comply with provincial legislation, an investigation by this newspaper found. Through a substantive review of ministry inspection reports, this newspaper also uncovered 163 reported abuse cases and 2,033 instances of non-compliance with provincial regulations. The death of D’Amour accounted for numerous citations against Residence Saint-Louis, the worst-offending home for non-compliance since 2012. But that’s something his family never learned, until now.  “We never got any results from the investigations,” said Pauline D’Amour. “The nurse told me they do an investigation and she told me to look for (the results) on the internet. I never saw anything.” The Gatineau woman had asked for the results of an investigation into D’Amour’s death on Sept. 5, 2015, and she said administrators told the grieving daughter to look it up on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website. She could barely contain her anger two years later when told by a reporter the results of that investigation.

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