Reviews by experts

“I am very glad that Lise Cloutier-Steele gave me an opportunity to review her book. Although my purpose was to review it with a lawyer’s eye, it was impossible not to see it from other perspectives, as well. My mother-in-law required institutional care in her last years. My parents, although still enjoying a reasonable degree of independence, do reside in a retirement home where necessary assistance with the tasks of daily living is available. Everyone must keep in mind that we, ourselves, someday and/or our spouses may require care, even at the level of Lise’s father. I do hope, like the couple featured on the cover, that even in my most senior years I will be able to get out for a walk in natural areas. The likelihood of continued quality of life will be greatly increased if appropriate care is available to me, if required. With sound planning and management, there is no reason why we cannot have affordable, adequate care for all of our elderly citizens. Good care is actually less expensive, at least in the long run, because it prevents expensive crises. Also, good care early enough can help prevent the need for more expensive care later.”
― Bruce F. Simpson, Senior partner, Barnes, Sammon LLP, Ottawa, Ontario

“A refreshingly candid and precise depiction of the day-to-day angst versus small victories involved in patient care in long term care facilities. I appreciate the awareness of the viewpoints from multiple caregivers in multi patient care centres. There’s No Place Like Home is a real life journey and analysis that can truly help to improve outcomes by awareness. It is in this time of a patient’s greatest needs that it is comforting to know that even though the “system” has limited resources, it does not have a limit on compassion. Bravo!”
― Aly S. Abdulla, M.D., LMCC, CCFP, FCFP, DipSportMed, CTH
Medical Director, The Kingsway Health Centre, Manotick, Ontario

“There’s No Place Like Home is a good reality check for the present, and an important reminder to prepare for the future.”
― Jean Heenan, registered nurse (Geriatrics), retired

“The circle of life is a reality. However, the perils of aging and nursing home care are not a popular literary topic. In There’s No Place Like Home, Ms. Cloutier-Steele bravely opens her door to us in self exposure. She alerts us to the need to plan for the future as individuals, families, health care providers, policy makers and governmental bodies. Let’s talk. Let’s prepare. One day, too, we will be facing that mirror.”
― Barbara A. Yeats, M.D., CCFP, FCFP

“I have often wondered why we can’t take care of our aged properly, and reading this book has given me some insights. Not that I like those insights. At first one might think that taking care of very old people would be just like taking care of babies. And it sounds like that approach is taken at least by some caregivers. But there is a huge difference between very old people and babies: the very old have a lifetime of memories, they have adult needs and desires, and they know when they are being mistreated because they can compare with a time when they were fully functioning and independent. This must be excruciating for them. And since some of them can’t communicate any of this, it must be absolute torture. The author has made this very clear in her book. I am hoping someone will listen.”
― Jane Karchmar, senior book editor,

“Honest and tastefully done.”
― Elizabeth Flood, health care aide

“A very enlightening and accurate book on the state of long-term care facilities. Hope it will help to improve the situation.”
― Louise Marsden, caregiver

“Lise Cloutier-Steele has covered all the bases. I urge anyone over 50 to read her very informative book about long term care and the struggles it entails. Her book presents a poignant picture of one woman’s fight for dignity for her parent, and by so doing she has spoken up for all the elderly who need such respect and care. But it also applies to a situation we may find ourselves in some day.”
― Lysbeth White, volunteer at a long-term care facility

“The author’s personal search for the basics, as described by the Ontario Ministry of Health, in a long-term care facility for her father is extensive and well written. The book is insightful as it presents the facts on daily care, responsibilities, accountability and resources of the facilities. Comprehensive details of her father’s care are presented objectively in straightforward language. The chapter on what to look for when searching out a nursing home is extremely thorough and well thought out. In reading this book, I wondered what is in the future for long-term care, and are there enough well-informed people as our author to guide us and our government.”
― Lois Steele, former teacher and reviewer of children’s books

“Cloutier-Steele’s book brought back some of the sad memories about my mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. She has done an outstanding job at pinpointing the problems with nursing home care, and provides many practical solutions. Her book is a must-read for all caregivers, health care aides, and seniors like me who might be facing similar challenges in the near future.”
― Annette Pelletier, retired public servant

“The public is largely ignorant of the current situation that many ailing seniors face in local nursing homes. It’s horrible! My grandmother used to say: “It feels like being in jail”. My Mom says: “God, I hope I never end up there.” And I mirror her feelings.”
― Blair Thomas Paul, artist and author of On the Edge of

“Lise Cloutier-Steele shares an honest overview of the difficulties she has had to face in caring for her father who lives in a nursing home. Her style is open and humorous, making it an easy read despite the seriousness of the subject. Her insights and checklists are a precious tool for those in search of a good nursing home. Her book is also a good reminder to us all to prepare for the future. If we are fully prepared, it will lessen the burden of the loved ones charged with the responsibility of caring for us.”
― Louise Joanisse, former caregiver to a loved one, eventual caregiver to another loved one, and most likely a loved one in need one day …

“Mrs. Cloutier-Steele’s book is very informative about the world of dealing with long-term care facilities. It confirms the importance of being vigilant after you think you have a problem resolved. It was comforting to know that I was not the only one struggling with appropriate care for a loved one. While the struggle is tiring, our loved ones are worth it.”
― Marion Lochnan, caregiver

“As a nurse who has worked in nursing homes in Newfoundland and Ontario, I found the difference in the level of care shocking. In the Newfoundland nursing home where I worked, the ratio of personnel to residents was 6 to 1. Even with that ratio, it was difficult to meet the needs of all the residents. In my view, Ontario nursing homes are an accident waiting to happen.”
― Michelle Jenkins, registered practical nurse

“There’s No Place Like Home has great personal meaning to the author, but it will be helpful to countless others who are frustrated with the system, and who may be in need of its analysis and insights. In short, this book is a good deed.”
― Melville McLean, photographer of Newcastle, Maine

“I took time today to read There’s No Place Like Home. This book’s content can be life changing. The steps to care planning for the future are essential to everyone, and yet a high percentage of people are not planning ahead. In Chapter Four, the tips on what to look for in a good nursing home are a real eye opener. Many families would be shocked by this absolutely truthful (and most helpful) information. I hope and pray that this book will find its way to all families involved in care giving for a loved one who has reached the final chapter of life.”
― Health care aide employed at a long-term care facility

“I’m in agreement with all the information in this book!”
― Health care aide employed at a long-term care facility

“Very good book. I haven’t been able to set foot in that place since my wife passed away last year.”
― Former caregiver whose late wife passed away following an incident at the same long-term care facility as the author’s late father

“When I started reading There’s No Place Like Home, I couldn’t stop until I got to the end. I was living the same experience.”
― Caregiver whose late husband resided at the same long-term care facility as the author’s late father

“Glad to read that there is another person out there who became obsessed with catheters and UTIs. I also became a major bowel person, eg: hello Dad etc … have your bowels opened today? The joys of it all.”
― Gillian Privett, former caregiver, United Kingdom