A care home owner who was jailed for mistreating elderly residents has had her sentence reduced on appeal.

BBC News

Indranee Pumbien, who ran the Briarwood Rest Home, Preston, was convicted of force-feeding elderly residents and failing to seek immediate help for a 99-year-old woman who was scalded.

A judge at a Court of Appeal hearing on Tuesday reduced her “excessive” 18-month sentence to a year.

Her lawyers argued the effect on her financially justified a shorter term.

They also said Pumbien, 59, of Grosvenor Place, Preston, suffered from depression and claustrophobia.

Pumbien, a qualified nurse, was convicted at Preston Crown Court of three counts of ill-treatment and jailed for 18 months in August.

Her husband Meghadeven Pumbien and employee Niphawan Berry were also convicted of failing to get urgent medical care for the woman after she suffered extensive burns to her legs and feet when she was scalded in a bath.

At the Court of Appeal in London, Pumbien’s barrister, Alistair Webster QC, argued that the effect of losing her career, her care home and her income was devastating.

He continued: ‘Given she suffers from recurrent depression and is claustrophobic, it was not necessary for the sentence to be as long as it was.’

Mrs Justice Simler, sitting with Sir Brian Leveson and Mr Justice Openshaw, allowed the appeal and cut the sentence to 12 months.

The home closed soon after the first allegations were made. The site is now under new ownership and has been renamed.